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A Tudor to Treasure Blog Series Post #2: Real People. Real Home.

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  This is my first summer with M. Interiors’ blog up and running and I must admit with the summer schedule it’s been difficult to keep the ‘pen flowing’ so to speak.   My ideas/themes are abundant (all floating in my head), but getting it

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Lighten up…

  Happy First Day of Summer of 2013!   I’m sure we all have memories or ideas of what makes summer special.  To me summer translates to simple pleasures shared with family and friends and moments of quiet on warm summer nights outside in the yard.  However, lately,  I’ve been

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…and we keep on dancing.

Today (and yesterday) Rich and I have been married 9 years!  We had two glorious weddings in June of 2004 — a Hindu wedding on the 11th and a Catholic wedding on the 12th. It was two days of big celebration with family and friends, but more importantly what has

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“I Am So Ready…”

When I was a kid I remember when summer was just around the corner, when the days were getting longer and another school year was coming to a close.   I dare say we all have our own memories of this transition in our life that happened each year when the

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A Girl Can Dream….

There’s no doubt in my mind that one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is the ability to believe in yourself   and while doing that ….dream BIG! As I shared before, that’s the greatest lesson I want to impart on my children….I want them to fully believe in themselves

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A Tudor To Treasure Blog Series Post #1: To Have and To Hold

  Do you remember Siona’s Space blog series?  Well, my blog series is back! I’ve been trying to figure out an effective way to share more of my projects via of my blog. I came to the conclusion that it’s probably good to continue to share my design journey on

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“It’s Not Easy Being Green.” ~ Kermit

….but it can be easier! The month of March was really been a whirlwind for me.   Creativity and projects come in waves and March was a big wave….a fun and exciting wave!  (I hope to share with you some of my projects coming very soon.  I have the best

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Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Where does the time go?  This past Saturday my daughter Siona turned one!   What a wonderful year it’s been too.  Being that Siona is my second child I was able to relish the first year in part because I didn’t rush back to corporate life after three months like

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Classic ‘Bling’

Bling….What comes to mind when you hear this? Does classic bling seem like an oxymoron?  In other words, can bling be classy? Bling to me (and to many of you I imagine) can mean a lot of things.  However, for me today bling means something special, pleasantly unexpected, some sparkle.

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Let It Be…

Let it be.   I’m sure you know this song by the Beatles, right?  I love this song’s simple, yet wise message of  just letting things be.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s difficult for me to be still, to be quiet (my husband would agree with this

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