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Dec 14, 2012 | Post by: mnanda001 2 Comments

Siona’s Space Blog Series Post # 8: Believe in Yourself

  A few years ago I was having dinner with my closest girlfriends and one of them asked the group “If you could teach your child one thing in life what would it be?”.   For a moment my initial thought was  ’Whoa, I don’t know.  There’s just so much.’,

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Dec 07, 2012 | Post by: mnanda001 No Comments

Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #7: A Whole Bunch of Stuff….

For my loyal Siona’s Space Blog readers who are ‘check the box’ kind of people you’re going to really like this post.   I am going to address a few elements in Siona’s Space today.  We’re going to discuss  shelving,  mirrors, lighting and window treatments. Wow!  Yes, all of this.

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