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Classic ‘Bling’

Bling….What comes to mind when you hear this? Does classic bling seem like an oxymoron?  In other words, can bling be classy? Bling to me (and to many of you I imagine) can mean a lot of things.  However, for me today bling means something special, pleasantly unexpected, some sparkle.  In this vein, who doesn’t like classic ‘bling’  in their life?

Of course, there are many ways that ‘bling’ can present itself in life…your best friend, a good hug, the first Spring day, a good laugh, your child running up to you after school with a huge smile (one of my daily ‘bling’ moments) etc… Certainly for me there’s the spiritual ‘bling’ that goes beyond (and really much more important) than anything that I capture in a blog post.

So with that being said, I’m moving in a different direction today as I’m feeling a little whimsical/fanciful….My bling, the sparkle and the something special that I’m thinking about is brass.  What?  Double take?  Are you thinking…”Maya if we’re going the fanciful direction where’s the Tiffany Blue box?”  Just wait…..

I’ve been obsessed with brass as it relates to home decor.  Really, my obsession is more than brass it spills over to gold and bronze and all the tones within this family.    I really never thought I would say this back in my college days and in my 20s when sterling silver and platinum were all the rage, but it’s true.  Even in my jewelry and some of my clothing choices over the last several years I’m going gold/rose gold.

{Some of my favorite classic ‘bling’ pieces to wear.}

Okay…jewelry and clothes are one thing, but some of you might be terrified of brass in your home (classically ugly you may be saying!)  because you can’t get the 1980′s builder’s-grade brass plated fixtures and hardware out of your head (which, by the way, is still being used all time).

Personally, I don’t think the builder’s grade brass hardware should be a celebrated aesthetic and certainly not the stuff I’m drooling over when I talk about brass today.  However, I do understand how common this is in so many of our homes.  Here’s a faucet in our home that I’m patiently waiting to change out.  All in due time.

However, for me there is an undeniable allure to brass and/or gold that’s romantic, rich, warm and often softens the look of a space. Lately I’ve been incorporating it in some of my designs.

Here’s some brass hardware (Pottery Barn) that I recently used in my daughter’s room.  Note:  The distressing of the dresser was done with bronze/gold paint underlay as well.

Of course too, there’s all kinds of finishes to choose from…brushed, polished,  satin  etc…   Some of the new brass, gold and bronze today have soft luster that adds to the sophistication. Take a look at these beauties….

Are you feel’in it?  The Classic ‘Bling’. Of course brass and gold can be incorporated in much more than just faucets and hardware…You can add brass/gold into your room with lighting, mirrors, furniture (including beds!) etc….
As you may know, I’m a little obsessed with sunburst mirrors and opted for a gilded gold sunburst mirror in my daughter’s room.
Here’s some of my favorite ways of incorporating brass or gold into a space.  I love the sparkle, the warmth and richness it introduces to the space.  (Note: that each space is a different style as well….eclectic, post-modern/retro, traditional, rustic etc…it works with so much.)

Many of you might be thinking….”this is only a fad and next year sterling silver, nickel,chrome or something else will be back in-fashion and brass/gold will be so over.”  And just like fashion, home decor does have trends and fads that come and go.  My approach to this quandary in home decor is that you can mix in high end items with lower end items… and remember sometimes a little of something goes a long way without breaking the bank or feeling like you have live with it forever!  Another piece of advice is to be okay to mix different elements.   As a matter of fact, I embrace the mix and share this advice with my clients all the time.    I’ve always been a fan of mixing textures, wood tones, metals, styles…everything really.  So, brass hardware in the same room with brushed nickel…’s OK!  To me that’s what makes life more interesting!    Here’s some example of this.  The mix flows so well if you weren’t studying the picture you don’t even notice.  I feel like the mix gives a relaxed, lived-in feeling to a space.    The key is repetition and complimentary finishes.

So are you convinced that brass is back?   Would you/have you incorporated it into  your home?  Tell me how!

What’s the ‘bling’ in your home?

Until next time….





4 Comments to Classic ‘Bling’

  1. Lisa Raju
    March 15, 2013 1:45 pm

    I like this look. I’m trying to work out a place for it in my new house. It just feels “warmer” than the silver colored faucets. However, I can’t take too much of it. I won’t use it in my kitchen, maybe the powder room?

  2. mnanda001
    March 15, 2013 4:14 pm

    Hi Lisa! I love that you comment….I always wonder if I’m reaching people in a way that gets them thinking about their home. Thank you!

    I’m super excited that you’re considering brass in your new home. I think a powder room is the perfect place to be more daring/get out of your comfort zone a bit. Think of wallpaper too for this space too! : )

    Don’t forget…you can mix elements a bit too in the kitchen!

    • Lisa Raju
      March 15, 2013 8:10 pm

      I absolutely am going to try wallpaper in the powder room! I love some of the new wallpaper out there! I thought about a mirrored vanity, as well, but then I went into a person’s powder room that had it and decided that is not the place for it. I’m still digging a mirrored piece of furniture. I’m thinking my bedroom.

      • mnanda001
        March 15, 2013 8:15 pm

        Oh good! And yes, you’re right….the paper out there these days is amazing.

        Yes, a mirrored bedside table would be a great idea.

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