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A Tudor to Treasure Blog Series Post #3: The Ordinary Can Capture the Extraordinary

How many of you have started a book that you really enjoyed, but for some reason stopped in the middle?  Then, months later re-discover the enjoyment it brought you and started reading it again?  I know I can certainly relate to this and my blog series  ”A Tudor to Treasure” can too.   I assure you though this blog series and this space has never really left me and I hope not you either. If you need a recap here’s the last post, Real People. Real Home. in this blog series.

Recently I received a very touching comment from my client who said I helped her feel like she was living in a better looking version of her own cozy home.   Honestly, when I received this comment I felt like saying “whoop! whoop!”  (Let’s face it…I did say it!)   It’s a rewarding feeling being a part of making something that’s already great better!   M. Interiors’ philosophy is about creating my client’s story through design.   You see that’s the beauty of my job…we all have extraordinary stories to be shared and I love to help people share their stories through design.   This comment from my client for me really captures the goal I strive to achieve with each of my projects and it reminded me of  my “A Tudor To Treasure” project in particular.

Certainly, there are days that our lives may seem ordinary and yes, the ‘stuff’ in our home may sometimes seem ordinary too.   However, like any good friend (OR designer)  in your life they should help you notice the extraordinary by helping you realize the good and the beauty all around you.     A part of all of this is having an open mind and a sense of gratitude and/or appreciation for what’s presently in front of  you.

When beginning a project with a client we always discuss elements that currently exist in the space to determine whether they want to keep it or perhaps should consider keeping. Many times there’s a story to a piece… thus the design journey begins and something that may look outwardly ordinary becomes extraordinary.

My “A Tudor to Treasure” project began this way – sharing stories behind some of the existing pieces in the room.    Starting with these chairs….

The homeowner’s mother received these chairs from her mother who in turn pass them down to her daughter, my client.   Yes, three generations of strong and vibrant women have sat in these chairs not to mention all the family and friends too….pretty extraordinary indeed.   We were definitely going to keep these chairs and breathe some new life into them — honoring the past, yet embracing the present by infusing the homeowner’s appreciation for pattern and eclecticism.

The rug we selected for this space would be our starting point for the ‘rebirth’ of these chairs relative to color and feel.

So I started searching for the perfect fabric.

In addition, to contrast the feminine lines of the chairs  I knew that I wanted to paint them this moody, masculine, sophisticated blue/ green gray color, Lead Grey  2131-30 by Benjamin Moore.  The homeowner was game for the idea.

After narrowing down the fabric selections, the homeowner and I  had a fun afternoon experimenting with the fabric with the chairs and paint sample in hand at her home.

We decided to pull the yellow from the rug into these chairs thus we selected Imperial Treasure Gold by Braemore Textiles.

The butter yellow and the pattern are whimsical and cheerful, yet with of all the colors — khaki tan, shades of grey, ivory, brown and kiwi green it is sophisticated as well.    In addition, we decided to infuse an accent fabric with this Home Accents Jotto Flocked Olive green.

The geometric lattice pattern here was a good balance to the larger whimsical pattern of the Imperial Treasure fabric.

(The two big things to keep in mind when mixing patterns for me are:

1. Use patterns that share a common color. It’s hard to go wrong if all the patterns in the mix share the same color, or a variation of that similar color

2.  Vary the scale of the patterns. Using a mix of different sizes of pattern motifs (floral with stripes or geometric shapes) adds interest, balance and variety to the mix)

{It’s painted!}

Are you seeing it come together?  Here’s a some before photos once more….


Here’s some photos that the homeowner shared with me when the chairs made it back home.


A one of kind creation that is simply extraordinary for the homeowner’s space that honors their past and celebrates the present.   It’s humbling to think that these chairs will be part of another generation within this family and that I had a very small part in helping continue the story.

So, yes, the ordinary can capture the extraordinary indeed.  You know, I’ve come to realize too what seems ordinary may simply be ordinary.   It all comes down to keeping things in perspective and in a world that’s hectic,  in a rush and complex ….’ordinary’ in it’s own right can be extraordinary.

Until next time…


{Feature photo Sleeping on Heaven}





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