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A Tudor to Treasure Blog Series Post #3: The Ordinary Can Capture the Extraordinary

How many of you have started a book that you really enjoyed, but for some reason stopped in the middle?  Then, months later re-discover the enjoyment it brought you and started reading it again?  I know I can certainly relate to this and my blog series  ”A Tudor to Treasure”

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Full of Life. Full Circle.

Last week I’m again reminded how much I love my work.  I had a lovely meeting with one my clients over a nice glass of wine.  She invited me to her home so that I could see all the updates they did in their living room.    I provided this

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…and we keep on dancing.

Today (and yesterday) Rich and I have been married 9 years!  We had two glorious weddings in June of 2004 — a Hindu wedding on the 11th and a Catholic wedding on the 12th. It was two days of big celebration with family and friends, but more importantly what has

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The Glass is Half Full.

Recently, I came across this really sophisticated , yet fun desk in one of my shopping adventures and started thinking about the use of glass in design mostly as it relates to glass furniture.  I feel like people are either really open to having glass furniture or a little skeptical.   I think the skepticism comes from the

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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #7: A Whole Bunch of Stuff….

For my loyal Siona’s Space Blog readers who are ‘check the box’ kind of people you’re going to really like this post.   I am going to address a few elements in Siona’s Space today.  We’re going to discuss  shelving,  mirrors, lighting and window treatments. Wow!  Yes, all of this.

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Siona’s Space Blog Series #5: Pattern, Pattern, Pattern

As promised, here’s a sneak peek of Siona’s Space….her crib!  In other words for me the   Pièce de résistance of the space. (Note how the colors really pop against the Silver Crest Benjamin Moore painted walls (per the last blog)). Pattern, Pattern, Pattern!  I knew I wanted lots of pattern in

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