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…and we keep on dancing.

Today (and yesterday) Rich and I have been married 9 years!  We had two glorious weddings in June of 2004 — a Hindu wedding on the 11th and a Catholic wedding on the 12th.

It was two days of big celebration with family and friends, but more importantly what has followed the wedding days have been 9 years of a great marriage.

Over the last nine years we have been blessed by big celebrations of life and just the simple daily life moments shared with each other, with our friends and family and with our two little people we created together. There are thousands of ideas and celebrations on the internet where you can get inspiration and more in which you can also use a service to share tik tok likes and views to improve the platforms.  We have seen and helped each other grow into a more authentic version of ourselves (a continual process).   We continue to learn from each other, have fun together and simply remain by each other’s side.   Are there days we’re tired (of each other…just joking…well, sort of : ))? Definitely.  Are there days that other things seem to take priority over our marriage?  Seems so.    However, ultimately, we know it all does come down to us and our core being as life partners.   I feel blessed that this has never changed, continues to be our focus and feel that life keeps getting better by his side.  I hope that this continues to be the same for many, many, many years to come and we continue to be good role models for our children when it comes to love, respect, trust and loyalty.

So all this said,  how are we celebrating?  Rich and I are not huge gift givers….We rather soak up a life experience together instead.  And we did just that this past weekend by buying tickets the day of and going to the Blackhawks hockey game 5…..(which if you don’t know was an amazing, crazy double overtime game that the Hawks won to secure the spot in the finals. Oh! By the way, Rich took the red eye from L.A. last night telling his client he wanted to be home for our anniversary….right…..Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals is more like it.  That’s LOVE. : ) )

So back to gift giving….out of curiosity I did look up the traditional nine year wedding anniversary gift.  I learned that it was pottery (pretty cool) and willow.  The modern nine year wedding gift is leather.  Of course, I started thinking about how each of these elements could be incorporated in the home.   Each of these elements can tell a story and can get better as the years pass….maybe that’s why it’s on the list as an anniversary gift.  Look at all the inspiration out there…..as it relates to pottery, willow and leather for the home!  Go figure.

Looking for a way to remember your travels?  Collect a piece of pottery during each trip. Pottery displayed as a collection is my favorite.  I always wonder about the person who made the piece- good story telling for sure too!

I’ve always loved the warm, comfy, welcoming look of willow branch chairs…
Willow branches and pottery combined!
Wow….leather….always inviting, sophisticated, yet rugged.  Definitely tells a story and gets better as the years pass.
Note: The second to last photo is tile to look like leather.  Not real leather, but I thought it looked really cool so wanted to share it.

All pretty cool, right?  Have you incorporated pottery, willow or leather in your home in an unique way?

So I conclude….I know that nine years is a drop in the bucket, but it’s one drop at a time that fills the bucket, right? I’ll take it.  I love the bucket we’re filling up together.

Are you lov’in the bucket of life you’re filling?  I sure hope so.

Until next time….keep on dancing…..






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  1. Maggie Adams
    June 12, 2013 9:00 pm

    Great post! I can’t wait to hear Rod comment on the faux leather tile office wall – you know he’s going to want that next. ;)

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