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The Sun is the Same

It’s the first day of December and the first day back from our EPIC family trip to India.  I’m on my way to pick up Devan from school.  It’s cold outside,and I’m bundled up in my favorite winter coat enjoying the cool, fresh air after leaving the my hot and

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“Anyone? Anyone?”

  Anyone?  Anyone? Is anyone reading this blog entry – my blog that I love so much that I’ve neglected for far too long?    I totally feel like Ben Stein in the classic, all time favorite movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,  when no one is listening and I,  like the

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At the start of the year I wrote a blog post about the journey of  “Designing My Life” with the realization that wanted to do things in my life with more intention and purpose. Easier said than done for sure as I sit here staring at my daily list of

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Big Dreams. Deep Breath. Deep Gratitude. …..the Big Dig.

I can’t believe half the year has gone by.  Where does the time go?   How does life pass so quickly?   Speaking about life passing by….Dr. Maya Angelou passed away the end of May and I’ve been thinking about her legacy and the lessons she left with so many

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A Tudor to Treasure Blog Series Post #3: The Ordinary Can Capture the Extraordinary

How many of you have started a book that you really enjoyed, but for some reason stopped in the middle?  Then, months later re-discover the enjoyment it brought you and started reading it again?  I know I can certainly relate to this and my blog series  ”A Tudor to Treasure”

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Designing My Life…

{What does the future hold?} So, it’s been too long my friends since my last blog, “Good-bye 30738 Dover Drive” , but I must say thanks to each of you who read this particular blog post (my most read blog post yet) and sharing it with others.   Seeing the responses

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Good-bye 30738 Dover Drive…

Ah….it’s that time of year when I go into a self-reflection mode thinking about the year that’s just about to end and the new year that’s just around the corner.   Of course, it’s easiest for me to start remembering the times I could have been a better wife, mother,

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Thinking Within The Box Can Be A Good Thing.

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase (or something similar) ‘think outside the box’?   Absolutely in life thinking big, creatively with no restrictions has no doubt given our world some of the best ideas,  inventions and solutions. Certainly,  it’s a great feeling to be the

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The Road Taken….

As I revel in this first week of Autumn (my most favorite season) I also celebrate and revel in the fact that today is the one year anniversary of the launch of M. Interiors’ website and blog!  I remember the launch day one year ago and the days leading up

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Full of Life. Full Circle.

Last week I’m again reminded how much I love my work.  I had a lovely meeting with one my clients over a nice glass of wine.  She invited me to her home so that I could see all the updates they did in their living room.    I provided this

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