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“It’s Not Easy Being Green.” ~ Kermit

….but it can be easier!

The month of March was really been a whirlwind for me.   Creativity and projects come in waves and March was a big wave….a fun and exciting wave!  (I hope to share with you some of my projects coming very soon.  I have the best clients and feel so lucky to be a part of their homes!)   At any rate, in all this great madness I know I’m ready for Spring more than ever…..I’m ready for some GREEN….soft, green grass, leaves on the trees and flowers.   Knowing all this is coming (it’s coming, right?) gives me a sense of calm and ease about life.

So for a person who enjoys gardening as I do…how about incorporating fresh greenery in the home all year round, right?  For some reason I really struggle with finding house plants that I really like.   I’m not sure what it is, but often times I feel like house plants look drab, dusty, messy, partially dead, unkept…This is in part that you have to find a plant that works with your room’s elements (light, temperature etc..), room’s aesthetics and like anything worthwhile in life plants require some care and attention …watering, light rotation, dusting, pruning , repotting etc… I feel more often than not it seems house plants are easy to neglect (not intentionally) in the midst of our busy lives.    Also,  in a lot of spaces I feel house plants are almost an after-thought and/or people just feel an obligation to have a plant(s) in their home.   Perhaps I’m completely wrong here, but if you can relate…read on because when house plants are done right it adds a whole other dimension to a home that is undeniably beautiful.   Like Kermit says….”It’s not easy being green.”, but I say “It can be easier.”

That being said, I’m totally psyched because I’ve recently fallen in love with a plant called Fiddle Leaf Fig and I LOVE how it looks in homes.

I love how sculptural this plant can be and I love the vibrant, large green leafs!  It comes in both bush and tree form.  I prefer the tree as I’m sucker for the sculptural feeling it has. It looks good in contemporary settings, traditional homes, Hampton style/beach homes, eclectic settings, urban settings/lofts, farm settings….. in a living room, bathroom, bedroom, foyer etc….it’s such a versatile style plant and for this I love it even more.

Can I use the word LOVE anymore?   Are you thinking? “Geez Maya relax it’s a plant,right?”  Well, when I find something that I’m passionate about I learn all about it and what to share!  For a large plant it can run up toward $200 + (not so in LOVE with this part), but like any good home furnishings it’s so worth the investment especially if you want some green positive impact in  your home.  Bonus too…it’s not too difficult to maintain!  It’s one of the easiest ficus variety to grow…so perfect for the beginner.  {Click here for easy tips about and care of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. )

So, if you’re thinking whether or not a Fiddle Leaf Fig is the right choice for your space the tips in the above link will help, but aesthetically here some quick things to consider:

    • Purpose:  Will the tree be an accent or main focal point?
    • Placement:  Gain an understanding of the lighting requirements of the plant and what your space has.  Also, know the temperature of the room (South facing – lots of sun, avoid vents etc…) will help you determine care of the plant (how many times to water etc…)  Just like any key piece of furniture…plant placement takes planning and some thought.
    • Scale:  Do you go oversize, large, medium or small?  Take note of your ceiling height, size of your furniture and room.  The bigger the room perhaps the bigger the plant.
    • Balance: Symmetry or not?  Do you go with one large plant or two medium size plants?  Here’s some of my favorite images that incorporate a Fiddle Leaf fig…….

LOVE the wicker basket!

{Above photo via Apartment Therapy}

{Above photo from Elle Decor}

{Above photo from Elle Decor}

{Photo from Elle Decor}

{Photo from Elle Decor}

{Photo from Decor Pad}

So….Fiddle me this….would you get a fiddle leaf fig for your space?

Until next time…


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