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Thinking Within The Box Can Be A Good Thing.

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase (or something similar) ‘think outside the box’?   Absolutely in life thinking big, creatively with no restrictions has no doubt given our world some of the best ideas,  inventions and solutions. Certainly,  it’s a great feeling to be the

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Jun 12, 2013 | Post by: mnanda001 2 Comments

…and we keep on dancing.

Today (and yesterday) Rich and I have been married 9 years!  We had two glorious weddings in June of 2004 — a Hindu wedding on the 11th and a Catholic wedding on the 12th. It was two days of big celebration with family and friends, but more importantly what has

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“I Am So Ready…”

When I was a kid I remember when summer was just around the corner, when the days were getting longer and another school year was coming to a close.   I dare say we all have our own memories of this transition in our life that happened each year when the

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