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Full of Life. Full Circle.

Last week I’m again reminded how much I love my work.  I had a lovely meeting with one my clients over a nice glass of wine.  She invited me to her home so that I could see all the updates they did in their living room.    I provided this

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A Tudor to Treasure Blog Series Post #2: Real People. Real Home.

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  This is my first summer with M. Interiors’ blog up and running and I must admit with the summer schedule it’s been difficult to keep the ‘pen flowing’ so to speak.   My ideas/themes are abundant (all floating in my head), but getting it

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The Glass is Half Full.

Recently, I came across this really sophisticated , yet fun desk in one of my shopping adventures and started thinking about the use of glass in design mostly as it relates to glass furniture.  I feel like people are either really open to having glass furniture or a little skeptical.   I think the skepticism comes from the

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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #7: A Whole Bunch of Stuff….

For my loyal Siona’s Space Blog readers who are ‘check the box’ kind of people you’re going to really like this post.   I am going to address a few elements in Siona’s Space today.  We’re going to discuss  shelving,  mirrors, lighting and window treatments. Wow!  Yes, all of this.

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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #6: The Dresser

  Certainly, it’s fair to say that Siona’s space definitely needed a dresser to house all the amazing clothes that are out there for little girls these days.  So that being said, the search was on! Of course,  I could shop at the traditional furniture stores, but sometimes I like

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