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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #7: A Whole Bunch of Stuff….

For my loyal Siona’s Space Blog readers who are ‘check the box’ kind of people you’re going to really like this post.   I am going to address a few elements in Siona’s Space today.  We’re going to discuss  shelving,  mirrors, lighting and window treatments. Wow!  Yes, all of this. I know it’s a lot, but I hope you see how it all ties together!   So, with that …we’re off!

Let’s begin with the shelving.  This is the last remaining significant furniture piece to source for Siona’s Space!  Every kid’s room needs an area to store books and toys…what better way to do this than with shelves?  I knew I wanted three things when it came to her shelves.

1)  The Main Dimension Criteria:  The shelf placement in Siona’s Space is against a wall underneath a long (6 ft long), rectangular window. A such,  I wanted a long shelf (55-60 inches long)  to ‘mirror’  the length of this window.  Playing off the length of the window with a similar length shelf will give both elements further interest.

2) Material: Reclaimed wood.  You may recall the two significant pieces in Siona’s Space thus far have two different material mediums, a bronze wrought iron crib and a painted distressed wooden dresser. So, my thought was why stop now?  I was drawn to reclaimed wood.  To me, reclaimed wood is often warm and inviting and has some personality.

3) Style:  I didn’t want a traditional children’s shelving unit.  I wanted a piece that could be used in other parts of the home….family room, living room, dining room etc….Maybe someday the piece could make it into once of these spaces, but the main reason is that I wanted an eclectic feel/the unexpected.

It was difficult to find a shelf with my three criteria mostly because of the length.  I looked into doing something custom, but that was too expensive.  So, here’s the piece I ended up with from Restoration Hardware described as a French Baker’s Rack (often used in kitchens/dining areas).  This piece met my criteria and I really liked the steel supports with decorative castings paired with the naturally finished and distressed solid pine planks.















Moving to the opposite side of the room from the shelves….it was on to a mirror for above the dresser!   Okay…I admit it, I’m obsessed with sunburst mirrors.  Having said this, I was bookmarking every sunburst mirror in sight.  So, I guess it’s fair to say I wanted a circular or oval mirror, but was open to either a metal, metallic painted wood or a reclaimed wood (would be cool to ‘tie in’ with the reclaimed wood shelf) mirror  that was between 32 inches – 40 inches in diameter.

Here’s just some of the mirrors I had in play.  All very beautiful in their own right.










I was very torn, but opted for this gilded gold mango wood starburst (from RSH Catalog) because I loved how it popped off the gray wall.  Also, I love the old-world gilded gold French feel.



















Are you getting a better feel for the space?    Pour yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee….stay with me…I know you see that awesome, yellow lamp on the dresser and want to talk about it!

In all seriousness, I had to get this lamp just shortly after I picked the rug and fabric out.  I discovered this lamp months and months and months ago and knew I wanted it.  For one thing, I loved the idea of incorporating the color yellow.  Yellow and gray are a great mix and it drew out another color in the floral fabric in the crib bedding.   Also, this color yellow pairs very nicely with the Lead Gray  paint color (Benjamin Moore) of the dresser.   Most of all though I love the modern, big lines of this lamp paired with the dainty, vintage french provincial dresser.  Opposites often attract.    I mean seriously I was in love.  I found this lamp at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  My husband came with me to the store when I placed the order and he just rolled his eyes about my excitement.  Thank goodness he supports my addiction to design.

The other lighting that I’m incorporating into the space are two traditionally shaped mercury glass table lamps that sit on either end of the long shelving unit.  The mercury glass gives the space some sparkle and the symmetry of the two paired together gives a nice balance to the room upon entry.

















I wish I could say that all the lighting is done for Siona’s Space, but I’m still in the market for a ceiling light.   A ceiling fan is there now (came with the house).  Not so much Siona Space style, but good things come to those who wait.  I’ll keep you posted on when I find something!






Lastly, window treatments.  Lighting and window treatments are two design elements that people often underestimate, ignore or put off when it comes to redoing their homes, but often times these two things are the two most impactful design elements in terms of setting the tone, mood  and drama to a space.

You may recall that Siona’s Space is on the bottom level (half under ground) so the windows are long and narrow,but because the largest window is south facing we do get some nice sunlight in the morning and afternoon.  The house came with white blackout honey comb blinds…very good functionally, but less than desirable in looks.

Without breaking the bank I opted for a custom natural woven shade ( with no lining paired with store bought cream linen panels to frame out the windows and soften the room.  I decided on floor length panels as it really opens the room and makes the room and windows feel larger (plus it anchors the shelves on both sides nicely on the one window).  The cream linen panels and hardware are from Pottery Barn.    Tip:  Because the window frames have some depth to them (approx. 7 inches) I kept the honeycomb blackout blinds behind the woven shade.   Bonus here….I could get the room very dark for nap time and didn’t have to put a liner on the woven shade…good for two reasons 1. less cost 2. I love seeing the texture of the woven blinds in the daylight.  With liners you sometimes loose the transparency of the woven shade and thus the texture doesn’t show through.  I get to have both, dark out option and texture, by keeping the honeycomb blinds.   Here’s some pictures to illustrate what I’m trying to convey.











Whew!  We did it!  Each of these topics could have had their separate blog post, but I wanted to illustrate how they work together both in the design process and finished product.    Is Siona’s Space coming together for you?   Tell me…What’s your favorite element thus far?  Biggest surprise?  I hope you’re having fun and learning something new along way!   Stayed tuned for the next Siona Space…..Artwork!

Until we meet again….have a good one!




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