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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #2: Design Story

Ah….creating the design story…..one of my most favorite parts of the design process!

Drum roll please.  Siona’s Design Story:

Eclectic, Modern, Sophisticated, Smart with a bit of free-spirited spunk!  Siona’s design story’s intention is to evoke feelings to stay true to oneself, be confident and remember that having fun in life is important and to not take yourself too seriously all of the time!  The key theme within her design story will be about mixing patterns and using multiple colors.  Yes, all this for little Miss Siona….Ah! the power of design and a mother’s love.

Here’s a  sneak peek of Miss Siona (@ 6 months ) …Miss Eclectic, Modern, Sophisticated, Smart, Free-Spirited young lady herself.

What is a design story?

The design story is the signature mark in my approach and philosophy when it comes to design.   I find that people relate to stories even if they cannot relate to the design process.  M. Interiors creates a design story that captures the  story you want your space to tell and will be the driving force/theme to designing your space.  A story board provides a road map to create your story in your space.   It will capture the feelings you want the space to evoke, the functionality you need for your lifestyle and will provide continual inspiration to your ever-evolving life story within your space.

For a baby’s room the design story is often inspired by what the parents want to feel as they enter the room and often reflects their design style that one may see throughout the house.     Soon our little ones will be big kids, pre-teens and teenagers putting their own mark on their space (which I completely welcome)!  I love when a room evolves as the person’s life story evolves.   When a room (especially a nursery) can evolve over time without complete ‘do-overs’ that’s pretty awesome.

What’s your design story?  Fun to think about, eh?

Stayed tuned for the next posts in Siona’s Space Blog Series… the foundation of the room, the rug, my search for the perfect pattern fabrics and tips to mixing patterns.

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