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Discover Your Light: A New Year to Explore your Passions

The phrase “Happy New Year” will be heard and said several times over the next coming weeks.  One may even think it could be overused  (I mean really when do you stop saying it anyway?).   However, when I say or hear ‘Happy New Year!’ it reminds me that I have another year of opportunity to explore and challenge myself.

Over the holiday, we took a family vacation (with our sitter….yay!!!)!  It was so nice to soak up the sun, relax and just be a family with no distractions.  It was a great time to reflect about what’s important in life.   The one thing I’ve learned over the years is the importance of being yourself and not worrying about what others think.  Finding your authentic self and following your passion is the best thing you can do for yourself and for those around you.

This never felt more true to me when my husband and I saw BB King in concert on New Year’s Eve while on vacation.  Yes!  BB King the Legendary Blues guy.  I had no idea that I would enjoy the concert so much….it was soulful, so real and simply put….pure joy.   Following your passion never felt so tangible to me than it did that night.  To listen to a 87 year old BB King with his 7 piece band play was a gift.  I could feel BB King’s passion overflow to all of us in the room.  When I witness someone do what they’re meant to be doing and doing it incredibly there are no words that describe the feeling.  It’s inspirational to say the least.  What a perfect way to start the new year.

A couple of years ago, I saw the light and started my journey in interior design…a journey that will never be perfected, but one that is perfect for me.    Speaking of design and seeing the light,   in the performing arts center where the BB King concert was held we encountered this incredible cluster of lanterns.  (Yes, amidst this legendary blues God I’m excited about these lanterns…..yep…clearly my passion.)

Cool, eh?   It reminded me of summertime at dusk catching fireflies.  Crazy, eh? I’ve always liked lanterns in part because they are so versatile. Lanterns can be the lighting that seamlessly fits into a design or can be the unexpected element in the room.  Lanterns can be glass, metal, fabric, painted, wood, paper.  Lanterns can have an ethnic feel (i.e. Moroccan or Asian feel).  They can be tailored and sophisticated.  Lanterns can have an old world traditional feel. They can be charming and whimsy or have a rustic/farm quality.  Lanterns can have a shabby chic/hampton beach vibe or can have a very modern and minimilist look.   It goes on and on!   Lanterns can go in large spaces or smaller spaces.  Lanterns can be stand alone or like the picture above clustered in mass numbers and be quite grand, but still have a warm feeling.  Can you tell?  I’m huge fan of lanterns.

All this said, I smile while I share this with you because in the moment I took this picture at the BB King concert and even in this moment that I share this with you I’m excited that I see design everywhere and in almost everything!  I think it’s a gift to see beauty and design in everyday experiences and for me, at the very least I know it’s my passion and gives me joy.  It’s even more exciting to share it with others.  For this, I’m so grateful.  Am I the BB King of the design world as he is to the Blues?….HARDLY!!!!!   But one can dream, work hard and enjoy the ride!

For now, I’ll just enjoy sharing my thoughts about why I think lanterns can be such a great choice for lighting, maybe inspire you or give you an idea to incorporate a lantern in your space and maybe, just maybe inspire you to explore your passion.  We can all try to be the BB King of ‘our own little world’.

So over the next few weeks say it with vigor “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” and embrace the possibilities and opportunities that life has to offer us and what we can offer back to the world.  Discover your passions, your light (maybe it’s a lantern ;) ) and just do it.

Until next time….thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Here are just a few of my favorite lantern looks….

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  1. Jennifer Martinez
    January 12, 2013 10:57 am

    So inspiring Maya!! Beautiful pictures. I will enjoy reading your blog. So glad we have become friends! Jen

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