Oct 08, 2012 | Post by: mnanda001 3 Comments

Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #1: The Inspiration Piece

On March 23, 2012 my baby girl, Siona Telang Nanda, was born!   She was two weeks early and she came into this world with a bang!  I had an unplanned delivery at my home….all by myself….well, not all alone Siona was there  too : )   I’ll just leave

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Oct 01, 2012 | Post by: mnanda001 1 Comments

Rhubarb: My ‘culinary’ adventures in up-north Michigan.

So one may think it’s odd (especially for the second post) sharing a picture of some fresh rhubarb on a design blog, but on the contrary my friends!  You see,  I see design in almost EVERYTHING from the most obvious things such as paints, fabrics, furniture etc…to nature inspired elements

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