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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #6: The Dresser


Certainly, it’s fair to say that Siona’s space definitely needed a dresser to house all the amazing clothes that are out there for little girls these days.  So that being said, the search was on!

Of course,  I could shop at the traditional furniture stores, but sometimes I like trying a new path for a couple of reasons 1) the adventure of the search and putting your own stamp on things is fun and very gratifying  and 2) as a designer I like to experiment especially with my own designs as a learning moment for myself  that I can then share with clients.  In design sometimes it’s trial by error and with my own design I feel even more freedom to take some bigger “risks”.

My criteria for this dresser was pretty simple.  I wanted to give new life to a vintage (aka old) dresser,  something that would grow with Siona for years to come and  I wanted a minimum of 6 to 9 drawers that was at least 50 inches long (the dresser was being placed on a decently long wall (nearly 13 feet) .  And really that was it in terms of my criteria.

I visited a handful of vintage shops in the Chicagoland area, but nothing really popped out  in terms of style or price so I visited Etsy.  (If you haven’t heard of Etsy…you should.  In the words of Etsy, (, ‘”It’s more than a marketplace, it’s a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers.”)     It’s a great place to find everything from A to Z that is vintage, new, handmade etc…ranging from things for your home, gifts, fashion, art, the list goes on and on!  And many of the Etsy store owners are small entrepreneurs who are following their passion!  I mean really how can you not just love that!?!

After hours of searching I stumbled on an Etsy store, Tracey’s Fancy…Vintage Furniture with a Twist.  After seeing her prior work and few e-mail conversations I knew this was the place for me.   Two things to note here….1) My first communication with Tracey was back in February and the next spot she had open for a new project was June and 2) there was no one particular dresser in her inventory at this time that met my criteria, but she assured me that this would be no problem.   Two reasons why I share this with you….1) design often takes time and 2)  taking a leap of faith when it comes to design often pays off.    I express these two points with my clients often and this illustrates that I really do live by these words.

In June Tracey touched base with me with few options of dressers she had in her inventory.   Although each piece she shared with me was very nice they weren’t long enough.   I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous, it was months since Tracey and I communicated (mind you I don’t even know Tracey, I just took a leap of faith based on her prior work and our few e-mail communications that she was the one for this project!) and I committed $200 deposit to secure a spot in June, but Tracey’s attitude was always positive and committed.  Low and behold….she shared this piece with me pictured below. Not the most beautiful dresser at first glance, but with some paint, distressing to feature the designs on the drawers and new hardware I knew it was for Miss Siona.

So….I was in search for a paint color and some hardware. For the paint, I wanted a darker tone to pop against the gray walls and to ground all the girly colors and patterns in the fabric and rug. I created this collage (middle paint color is the wall color) to help me narrow it down. I gravitated toward paint colors with gray, blue, green and brown undertones.   Oddly, I chose Lead Gray by Benjamin Moore 2130-30… a color that didn’t even make this collage!














Note: Lead Gray 2130-30 was recently announced as  M. Interiors paint color of 2013!  I can’t wait to use this color in other projects in the new year!

Can’t tell the difference between Lead Gray and the others on the collage?  That’s what my husband said.  It’s all in the details my friend.   Lead Gray has this green undertone like nothing I’ve ever seen.    I love the masculinity of this color (the grounding effect I wanted) and the sense of sophistication.  This color paired with the feminine curves/lines of the dresser was going to be perfect.

Lastly, here’s the hardware (the bronze/glass combo)  I found at Pottery Barn.  I actually liked the original hardware, but opted for a more refined look.  Note: Original center knobs of the dresser I kept.

Okay, you may think the story ends here…not quite.  The dresser was completed in mid-July, but Traceys Fancy’s freight provider (unknown to them…bless their heart!) closed shop without notice.   What?!  Tracey and her team  were amazing and sorted through this mess and finally after months of waiting the dresser arrived mid-September.  Here’s some pictures of the day it arrived and little Miss Siona looking at for the first time (I think she likes it)!  The paint color with the distressed bronzing and hardware…perfection!

Stayed tuned for the mirror and window treatment selections.  Also, do you love this yellow lamp noted on the dresser?  We do too!  Stayed tuned for lighting selection details as well!

Happy Friday!



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