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Reinventing yourself….


Courage. Trust. Faith. 

Who would have guessed that the biggest challenge of my life would be applying these words/actions to myself.  Courage to follow the road not taken (despite the naysayers…which are so hard for me to ignore!).  Trust in my abilities.  Faith in my authentic self.

Reinventing yourself and following the road not taken is no easy  decision and certainly a journey of great unknowns, but really isn’t that life?  Why not make decisions that follow your passion, make you smile and give the most authentic sense of yourself to the world?  Well, that’s what led me to leaving a well-paying, big corporate role at a large accounting firm two years ago to focus on spending more time with my young son and to launch my efforts into my passion of interior design!

I knew I wanted my first year out of corporate life to be focused on just unwinding (aka coming into my own person not defined with what I did necessarily as a profession…wow! was that weird, but exhilarating!) and spending a lot of time with my 3 year old son.  I can’t tell you how many moments I smiled seeing something new he said or did or experience moments with him that I could have not done working at my corporate role —- Like running in the park after a huge snowfall….being the first footprints in the vast field or going down the snow filled slides.  In addition, to running around with my son we were recently blessed with a baby daughter six months ago!  So to say the least….life has been busy!

The time spent discovering what I was outside of corporate life gave me three realizations….1) I’m blessed with an incredible husband who believes in me and who without him I could never take this leap  2) I’ve always taken the ‘safe route’ in life…and it was time for me to expand my horizons,take some risks and get in touch with my creative side 3) I enjoy seeing people happy and being a part of their life story and thus in year 2 after leaving the corporate life…M. Interiors evolved as my outlet and path into interior decorating!

M. Interiors is really about connecting with people (something I’ve always been passionate about) and helping people create their space in this world that reflects their story (past, present and future), allows them to be their true self and inspires them to rise to be their best.

Today is a big day for me as we launch our website and my blog!  M. Interiors’ blog’s main mission is to create a forum to share stories and ideas that inspire design and creativity in everything we do and see.   So come join this ride with me of re-inventing and marvel in what we’re all doing in life….creating our own story…mine just happens to be through design.

If you’d like help creating your story through design in your home please contact me.




4 Comments to Reinventing yourself….

  1. Sharran
    September 26, 2012 5:34 pm

    Congrats Maya! This is awesome and a great story.

  2. Tim
    September 26, 2012 7:43 pm

    Wow! Maya, I have always knew your aesthetic was a good one and now I am glad to see you are ready to share it with the rest of us!! Best of luck in your new endeavor. I can only think of how much I would trust you with my home(unfortunately we are now back in California!)…Wishing you only the best,


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