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Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Where does the time go?  This past Saturday my daughter Siona turned one!   What a wonderful year it’s been too.  Being that Siona is my second child I was able to relish the first year in part because I didn’t rush back to corporate life after three months like I did with my son (what was I thinking?), but mostly because I learned with my first child who is now 5 years old how fast things change.  I can honestly reflect back on this first year and say I lived in the moment and enjoyed watching her grow and learn new things to the fullest.  (And to think….this is just the start!).

Living in the present….that’s something I’ve been consciously trying to do with all aspects of my life.  Easier said than done, right?  Some days I do a better job than others, but for the most part I’ve learned (especially over the last few years) that being present in life opens up so much more opportunity to living a more authentic life.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I don’t think about the future.   If fact, I think about the future even more so, but perhaps with more hope and more clarity because I’m happy and filled with gratitude in the present.

When it comes to my kids I think it’s fair to say as a parent you worry and wonder if they’ll be kind, empathic, well-adjusted and happy adults, but mostly I worry and wonder if I’m giving them the foundation to do so.   Yet at the same time I trust my instincts, try not too over analyze and enjoy who they are now.   Of course I wonder who they’ll become, where they’ll go, what they’ll enjoy…This sense of wonder, possibility and opportunity is very exciting…not only for me to think about for my children, but for me to think about for my own life.

Oh!  The Places You’ll Go!   It all goes back to Dr. Seuss and this simple idea that many of us heard years ago.  And what a great thing it is to think about in your life’s journey….the places you’ll go both literally, but most importantly figuratively.

This brings me to the idea of maps.   Yes, you read me correctly…maps.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who didn’t enjoy looking at a map.   And why is this?  Well, certainly it’s fun to think about the places you’ve been, to think about the places you want to visit and about the people that live in those places.  Also, it’s just plain fun to learn about where ‘stuff’ is located.

I do declare however that it’s the sense of wonder, possibility and opportunity of something bigger than who we are, where we live and what we do that gets to the core in each of us simply while looking at a map.     Viewing a map gives a sense of hope for something bigger and a connection that we’re all in this together. It sparks curiosity and a sense of adventure.  Just looking at a map helps us think and dream bigger.

Having said all this, I’ve been thinking about maps a lot and how to incorporate this into the home.  If maps really do spark a sense of hope, wonder, opportunity, curiosity and adventure how could one not want to incorporate a map of some type into their home?!  And, boy!  there’s a lot of great ideas out there….here are just a few of my favorite.

I love the bold, large wall mural maps….these are great for a nursery,kids room, play rooms, recreational rooms, but I also love it for family rooms either done in bold colors, traditional map colors or more subtle colors. Take a look!

Certainly you can ‘up the game’ and mat and frame maps as well.  I love it when it’s done in a gallery style.


I also like the throw-back roll-up maps we had back in grade school. These might be my favorite.  This old-school map can be surprisingly sophisticated — the less is more philosophy.

Don’t forget wall/ceiling treatments (i.e. paint, paper etc..) too!

Map accessories and furniture are fun too!  This is  good way to incorporate maps into your home if you don’t want or are unable to use an entire wall.  Here’s a map lamp in my son’s room.

Eclectic Home Office by Vancouver Media And BlogsThe Locker

{Source: Better Homes & Gardens}


{Source: Pinterest}

{Source:  From a neighborhood store called Enjoy.   Scouted and photo taken by our babysitter!  My projects are getting in her head now! Love it!}

So maps….aren’t they great?  It’s just a map, but gosh it can bring so much to your home and your imagination.  Think of it as “The Art of the Possible” for your home not to mention you can learn a whole lot of  ’stuff’ too.

With this in mind….I leave you some pictures of Siona’s birthday this past weekend. It was a great celebration with friends and family.  The theme was about “The Places She’ll Go!”.   I knew I wanted this sense of wonder, possibility and opportunity not only for Siona’s 1st birthday and beyond, but mostly too for all of us who will be a part of her life.   Here’s to year 2 Sweet Siona!  May the sense of wonder, possibility and curiosity always be with you and all those who love you.

Until next time….Dream big, be curious and think of the possible.


(As you may tell from all the pictures, I really embraced the “Oh! The Places She’ll Go” theme because I love it so much.  My son and I had fun preparing for the big bash in the weeks leading up to it. Who am I kidding?  It was really me having the most fun.  Note: Technically difficulties….some of the pictures above have found there way in Siona’s b-day photo picture gallery…?!)








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  1. Julie Telang
    April 2, 2013 10:46 am

    Loved all your map pictures, Maya. They were the best I have ever seen!
    Didn’t know that there is such a heavy investment in maps in the interior design dreams of so many people. And that they come to life so beautifully and effectively!

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