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Kid at Heart

Riding a roller coaster, seeing the street lights coming on, eating cotton candy, playing in the snow, waking up on Christmas morning and, yes decorating for Halloween are just some things that remind me of being a kid.

This occurred to me today as I was decorating our front yard for Halloween with my son.  Who knew putting up spider webs, spiders and ghosts could be so fun?!  The smiles from my son and of course, the spooky sounds we were making all contributed to the fun.  No, my decorations won’t make any magazine cover, but the smiles from my son and the warm feelings in my heart is all I need.

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to enjoy the simple things in life and often times it’s the simple things I enjoyed as a kid.  One of the million great things about having kids is often times they remind you to be a kid yourself.   I admire the people in my life who are naturally a kid at heart.   I’m sure many of you can relate to  a person(s) in your life that I’m describing or heck, maybe you’re one of them.  I wish I could proclaim that I’m naturally a kid at heart, but who am I kidding? However, I felt like a kid today and it’s these moments that make life so sweet.

This post honors the kid in each of us.  What makes you feel like a kid?



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