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Siona’s Space Blog Series Post #3: The Foundation…The Rug!

Question for all of you….how many walls in room? 4, 5, or 6?  Many of you may be thinking “Maya, have you lost your mind?  There are 4 walls in room.”  Really, there are actually 6 walls in a space.  Well, maybe not walls in a traditional sense, but one should never discount the floor or ceiling when it comes to decorating a room.  Each ‘wall’ space can be a huge contributor to the design of the room and for me the floor in Siona’s space was going to be one of the main focal points.

In Siona’s space I knew I wanted a pattern rug.  Remember her design story?  Eclectic, Modern, Sophisticated, Smart with a bit of free-spirited spunk.  With this in mind I wanted the rug to be bold, but also classic enough that it will grow with her over time.  I chose a chevron graphic in a marine blue.  The marine/teal color was chosen based on the  inspiration piece, the vase.  Chevron print is bold and fun, yet sophisticated and classic  that it will evolve over time as Siona gets bigger.

Yes, I get the apprehension of getting a pattern rug.  One may be thinking “rugs are expensive, I’ll get tired of it too soon, Can’t I just get throw pillows or comforter as an accent?” All these comments are valid feelings and/or concerns and certainly one can make bold statements in a room in a variety of ways, but I must say for some rooms going bold on the floor will be the ‘wow’ factor for years to come!  Another bonus, often pattern rugs visually expand the size of the room as your eye will follow the design throughout the entire space.

Some further tips when decorating a room with a pattern rug:

- Paint:  Keep the walls neutral (i.e. gray, cream, brown, beige,  etc…)  Not a rule by any means, but often this helps neutralize the room and will showcase the rug.

- Accessories:  Use a main color from the rug in the accessories (i.e. pillows) or another key element in the room (i.e. chair)  and/or  pick a solid complimentary color.  For example, a geometric brown rug and royal blue velvet upholstered chair pair up nicely.  (See example picture below.)

- Adding more pattern:  If you want to add further pattern in the room (upholstery, pillows etc…) pick up similar colors as noted above and/or change up pattern.  For example, if your rug has a geometric pattern use floral print for the pillows.

Here’s some pictures of the rug and my son, Devan and husband, Rich, assembling the bronze iron crib (Devan’s old crib) just a few weeks before Siona was born!

You’ll see some gray paint samples on walls in the background as that will be the next decision in room.   Stayed tuned to Siona’s Space blog series….I’ll be discussing how to pick the right shade of gray for your space and how to mix patterns.

Share with me….Are you a fan of pattern rugs?  Why or why not?

Have a great weekend!  Until next time…


Here’s some of my favorite use of pattern in rugs that I found on-line.

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