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Inner Beauty. My weekend project: An unofficial post to the Siona’s Space Blog Series


So drawer liners….do people still use liner for their dresser drawers or kitchen cabinets anymore?  It’s pretty, right?  A nice surprise?

I don’t think it’s as popular as it once was. For me, it’s all in the details, making things unique and more special. Chic shelf paper (www.chicshelfpaper.com) agrees and shares some reasons why you may want to use liners….

-  Stylize the storage you use every day, and delight in the details.
-  Feel confident that you’re protecting new furniture and storage areas.
-  Cover flaws or refresh older items with contemporary designs.
-  Transform dark storage areas with light, cheerful designs. (**See below)


The design options for liners have expanded from the traditional contact paper with the old-school checkered pattern.  Although in the right space and furniture with a 50′s vibe that could be pretty cool.

I decided to line my daughter’s vintage, re-finished dresser  and opted for some really cool heavy stock wrapping paper from Smudge Ink (www.smudgeink.com).  Note: I saw some other inexpensive wrapping paper at IKEA and some other good choices at The Container Store too.


My choice of paper picks up on some of the colors of Siona’s space, but not matchy/matchy by any means.  I was drawn to the large scale whimsy, vintagey floral design.

I’m not a natural DIY (Do it Yourself) kind of person.  Bummer.  I wish I was, but unfortunately it’s not in my DNA.  However, this DIY project was easy and fun and the results were perfect.

Things to have and do before starting the project…..

1) Measure the length and width of your largest drawer to ensure liner or in my case the wrapping paper’s dimensions are at a minimum the length and width of your largest drawer.   You can combine pieces, but you want to keep this to a minimum.

2) Find your sharpest scissors.

3) Use a ruler to help crease the paper/liner to guide where you may need to trim.

4) Wipe down the drawer before applying liner.

5) If you opt to use wrapping paper have two-sided tape to secure the paper.  Note:  Traditional liner often has adhesive on the back.

Ta-da!  That’s all!   Results are pretty and functional in keeping clothing articles clean and protects your furniture.   Plus, it motivates me to keep the drawers less cluttered as Siona grows out of her clothes on a daily bases.   Tip:  I use my favorite dryer sheets in the drawers for a fresh and clean scent.

Other spaces that drawer liners may be a good option….Desk space (again, may help keep the clutter out of drawers) and guest rooms….a nice surprise for your guests when they open an empty dresser drawer.


** On another note, ever see wallpaper used on bookcases?  You can use liner instead to add texture and/or a pop of color. You can get a similar look as wallpaper, but often  it’s less expensive and easier with liner!   Take a look….these examples are whimsy and and add a pop of color, but certainly you could refine the look with earthy tones with simple texture.



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